DoTraining is available for strength and conditioning (S&C) support and consulting. We currently provide this for a variety of teams, individuals and groups around the world.
Each client working with
DoTraining will have bespoke individual programme that will guide them to becoming a better athlete. At DoTraining we have years of experience helping to create better, more robust, athletic athletes. DoTraining have also rehabbed multiple injured athletes back from devastating injuries and return to peak performance. Our coaches work closely with each athlete and understand their individual needs. Because of this we are able to create the most effective and efficient training programmes for our clients. What ever your sport or schedule, we at DoTraining can find a solution and help you reach for physical and mental potential as an athlete. Trust in us and trust in our process, you will enjoy the journey, the results and the #dotrainingfamily.

The S&C support that DoTraining will provide covers the following components:​

Speed & Agility Development

Power Development

Strength Development

Flexibility & Mobility

Injury Reduction & Rehabilitation

Energy System Development

“When working with DoTraining Strength and Conditioning you can expect cutting edge performance coaching specific to your sport and goals. Working with us at DoTraining will be one of the best decisions you can make as an athlete. Be confident that your hard work with us will help you reach your potential.”
Duncan Ogilvie, Founder & Director of DoTraining and Performance LTD

Confidence in our expertise...

Have confidence in not only our coaching expertise but our scientific knowledge. All our coaches are highly qualified with a minimum of Masters level education. Also, our coaches have multiple industry qualifications and individual insurance. Over the last 10 years we have worked with countless sports and athletes. Be confident that working with DoTraining will build a championship mentality within you and help you reach your athletic potential.

See training packages below and get in touch to get your personalised
S&C programme.



Lectures & Workshops

Team Performance & Physiological Testing

Large Groups S&C sessions

+6 athletes

(ideal for teams)

Small Groups S&C sessions

2-5 athletes

Private individual S&C sessions

3-6 weeks blocks

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