The strength and conditioning industry is very competitive, and it have become essential that you set yourself apart to get ahead. The DoTraining Strength and Conditioning internship will ensure that you do just that. Being part of our internship program will develop and progress your theoretical knowledge and your practical coaching. You will gain priceless experience working directly with high performance athletes from a variety of sports. Being part of our internship you will set yourself up for a successful career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Together with our partner East London Sports and a select variety of schools, clubs and academies we are able to offer real world coaching opportunities. The athletes within our program range from regional to Olympic level in a variety of sports. The DoTraining internship is one of the only internships in the UK that give you access to this level and variety of athletes. As a volunteer coach, in return for your hard work and dedication you can expect to receive the following benefits.

During Your Internship with DoTraining You Will...

  • Work under and learn from S&C coaches that have a wealth of experience in the industry.
  • Learn what it takes to run a high performance facility.
  • Learn about program design, periodisation, performance testing and other essential coaching skills.
  • Develop real work experience on the gym floor working with “real” athletes
  • Establish a professional coaching network
  • Have access to numerous CPD activities and workshops to further your knowledge
  • Prepare for UKSCA and CSCS accreditation
  • A high % of DoTraining interns have been given “real” S&C jobs directly following their internship.
  • Boost your CV with relevant experience to enable you to meet potential job requirements.
Our internship program runs from September through April. However we continually have opportunities to join our team throughout the year.

If you are interested and want to know more please get in touch!
Success Stories
Youcef Zatat

S&C Coach

East London Sports

Andras Veg

Sport Scientist

Hungary Pro Football

Brian Negru

S&C Coach
CoLa Basketball

Viktoras Sruaga

S&C Coach
Barking Abbey Academy

Arela Williams

S&C Coach

Angelo Noto

S&C Coach

Michael Mullane

S&C Coach

Leyton Orient FC

Daniel Grasso

S&C Coach
Chelsea SC

stuart pearce dotraining.jp2
Stuart Pearce

S&C Coach
East London Sport

Whitney Shaffer DoTraining.jp2
Whitney Shaffer

S&C Coach
Indiana University

Lamar Baker DoTraining.jp2
Lamar Baker

S&C Coach
AFC Wimbledon Academy

richard avery DoTraining.jp2
Richard Avery

Sports Scientist
University of East London

Dan Donnelly DoTraining.jp2
Daniel Donnelly

S&C Coach
Kuwait Sports Foundation

Leon williams DoTraining.jp2
Leon Williams

S&C Coach
London Lions

Trent Reeves DoTraining.jp2
Trent Reeves

Sports Biomechanist