• Duncan Ogilvie

DoTraining Fabric Mini-bands

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

DoTraining Fabric Mini-Bands are used worldwide by Olympians, professional sportsman and fitness enthusiast. After years of having to buy cheap rubber mini-bands that didn't last, that pulled body hair,

pinched and irritated skin i decided to create my own. Unlike these che

ap rubber ones the Fabric Mini-Bands are exceptional quality, will last and keep their tension and will not pinch, pull or irritate your skin.


  • Woven rubber (“textile rubber”), thus no skin contact with the rubber/latex (great for allergy sufferers).

  • Unusually comfortable fabric feel, without losing the characteristics of the rubber.

  • Soft on the skin, no pulling or pinching of skin or body hair and will not roll up

  • Very robust and tear-resistant, water- and dirt resistant

  • Washable up to 90° C

In October 2019 i received the first shipment of our Fabric Mini-Bands in 4 different resistances.

  • Light (Yellow)

  • Medium (Green)

  • Blue (Heavy)

  • Black (Extra Heavy)

They continue to sell exceptionally well across the world and this is testament to the quality and value. Below you can see a number of videos that we have created on how to use the bands.



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