Performance Education

DoTraining performance education offers a variety of unique workshops, seminars and lecturing packages.

“DoTraining performance education have provided us with a very valuable resource that enable us to bring in sought after experts in the field of strength and conditioning to educate our student athletes as well as our coaching staff. ” – Basketball England

Performance Education from DoTraining is a great way for many Schools, Clubs and Professional organisations to benefit from our expertise. You can Hire us to conduct educational and practical Workshops, seminars and Lecturing to their athletes and coaches.

DoTraining is available to conduct both private and public workshops and seminars. Doing this will enable you to educate a wide variety of clients in the field of strength, performance, health, and well-being. More over we are also available for private speaking engagements including high school, college and university lecturing. DoTraining provide strength and conditioning education for all the athletes and teams that we are contracted to work with. This ensures that not only are these teams and athletes doing great things, they will understand and know the reasons why they are doing these great things.

Some of our most popular workshop and seminar topics are highlighted below, but to find out more information or request a quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Popular Subject Matters.

  • Injury Management
  • Youth Training and Performance
  • Youth Nutrition
  • The Essentials of Strength and Conditioning
  • Speed and Plyometric Training
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation Strategies
  • Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Mobility and Flexibility.

DoTraining regularly host some of the world best and most respected fitness professional at their public workshops. To find out more about these workshops HERE