Online Coaching

DoTraining are now able to offer bespoke Online Coaching to a wide range of athletes and private clients.

Our online coaching packages allow our clients and athletes from all over the globe to benefit from our expertise. We provide bespoke, individualised programs that will address what ever your goals. With the use of scheduled calls via whatsapp, file sharing and email support we provide highly effective remote coaching. As a result we have made Online coaching a budget friendly, and effective way to achieve success.

Obviously, there is no replacing a great coach that coaches you through each and every session. However DoTraining will equip you with the programme and support that will enable you to workout in your own time and environment that fits your schedule. Online coaching gives you an solution to your training needs at a competitive price.

Tailored to your individual needs.

Moreover we treat each and every client as an individual case. Also we will only take on a limited numbed of online clients to ensure we provide a high quality, exclusive service. There are three pricing structures with varied support to suit a variety of budgets and engagement needs. Compare each options and select the plan that best suits your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a more in-depth discussion.