DoTraining and Performance LTD are proud to work with “East London Sports” based at The University of East London. East London Sports hire DoTraining to provide Strength & Conditioning services and High Performance support to a large variety of university sports and athletes. UEL has over 200 High Performance scholars, with the majority being professional, semi-professional and international athletes. Every year these athletes compete internationally across the globe at the worlds biggest sporting events. DoTraining have 5 coaches and 15 interns that work as part of the universitys High Performance team.

On behalf of East London Sport, DoTraining oversees a number of partnerships that the university have. As a registered TASS training facility DoTraining provides High Performance support for athletes that are awarded TASS funding. The Talents Athlete Scholarship Scheme, enables a variety of athletes from the region to access the performance coaching expertise. We also provide High Performance support to Professional Basketball Team – London Lions as well as West Ham Ladies Football Academy and the Womens FA. DoTraining’s director Duncan Ogilvie is the lead TASS practitioner at East London Sports. Under the TASS banner DoTraining has worked with some of the UK’s top athletes and NGB’s in a variety of sports.

Abbey Basketball

Barking Abbey academy is the UK’s premier basketball academy. DoTraining has been the academies Strength and Conditioning providers since 2010. Every year the academy have multiple players represent their country at the European championships as well as gaining professonal contracts and athletic scholarships to universitys across the world.

Our philosophy at barking has always been to ensure that each player is ready for the demands of the season. We focus on making each player robust enough to withstand the load of training like a professional. We work on each individuals strength, athleticism and movement patterns so they can become better basketball players. While preparing them for the next level of their basketball careers.

Duncan Ogilvie – Head of Strength and Conditioning.

The academy have a number of mens and womens teams that compete over a variety of leagues from academy level to senior semi-pro leagues. “BA” have won multiple national championships across these levels. This success is testament to the academy staffing structure that ensures they have the top technical coaches in the UK as well as the best sports science support.

London pulse is the newest Super League Netball teams in the UK’s top league. DoTraining work closely with the entire Pulse Netball academy to provide strength & conditioning support throughout the year. The academy ranges from u17 , u19, u21. Quite a few of the player jump from their age group team into the next age group or senior team so its essential that that are prepared accordingly and ready mentally and physically for the challenge.

Genesis Futsal team are located in the East end of London and play and compete in the UKs premier semi-professional futsal league. DoTraining support Genisis throughout their competitive season with weekly Strength & Conditioning sessions and periodic performance testing. With a large squad of varying ability we are able to provide specific programming to ensure that the players remain healthy and develop physically. A relatively young team, genesis have made the smart decision to invest in DoTraining to provide elite sports science support to give them a competitive edge over the opposition.