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DoTraining Fabric Mini-Bands are used worldwide by Olympians, professional sportsman and fitness enthusiast. After years of having to buy cheap rubber mini-bands that didnt last, that pulled body hair, pinched and irritated skin i deceided to create my own. Unlike these cheap rubber ones the Fabric Mini-Bands are exceptional quality, will last and keep their tension and will not pinch, pull or irritate your skin.


  • Woven rubber (“textile rubber”), thus no skin contact with the rubber/latex (great for allergy sufferers).
  • Unusually comfortable fabric feel, without losing the characteristics of the rubber.
  • Soft on the skin, no pulling or pinching of skin or body hair and will not roll up
  • Very robust and tear-resistant, water- and dirt resistant
  • Washable up to 90° C

In October 2019 i recieved the first shipment of our Fabric Mini-Bands in 4 different resistances.

  • Light (Yellow)
  • Medium (Green)
  • Blue (Heavy)
  • Black (Extra Heavy)

They continue to sell exceptionally well across the world and this is testiment to the quality and value. Below you can see an number of videos that we have created on how to use the bands.

What are the DoTraining Bands and how do i use them?
Shoulder Health with DoTraining Fabric Mini-Bands
Bulletproof the Hips
Football | DoTraining Fabric Mini Bands

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